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We built Colony as a bespoke & continuously evolving home technology service to satisfy our clients specific needs. We utilise enterprise grade products across a fully integrated and private home network; delivering security, streamlining, and with it more time to explore


providing more time in your everyday..

Colony's dedicated team of coaches, technicians and advisors deliver the highest level of support and service for your digital life. We research, purchase, configure and maintain the technology landscape for your home and family, streamlining everyday life allowing you to focus on what's important. Our clients live a lifestyle without borders, we connect your exceptional properties providing increased functionality whilst also securing your valuable data and privacy.


on demand...

Our world is becoming increasingly more connected meaning technology is playing a significant role in our home lives which will only continue to grow with further advances in smart home and home automation. We are here for our clients to rely on, talk things through with and trust to get the most from it all.

In response to these advances Colony has created a unique 'on demand' service to cover all new technologies and projects: from providing technology consultancy and services for a property build or renovation to configuring the right camera drone for the ski season our team will always guide you to success. We may work directly or through our selected partners but you will always have just one point of contact, Colony.


an exclusive club..

The Colony Club is limited to a small group of elite Members who are looked after by our dedicated expert team with the simple aim of providing an exceptional, bespoke service tailored to the member's specific needs saving them time and energy.

Individual or Business Membership is available through invitation or referral only.


Colony exists for those who understand that we are living in a technological revolution and are ready to embrace it.

technology is here to make things easier, more efficient and fun for us in our everyday.



Member Services



For us it begins with the security of your technology environment as building on shaky foundations is never a good idea. We secure your home network and provide only the most effective equipment to achieve the maximum connectivity speeds both within the home and to the wider world. We can work with your business interests or employers to provide connectivity and functionality between home and work allowing you to become truly flexible whilst crucially always maintaining your security. 

We work with you to protect you in the online space with email security advice and implementations and if required can provide anonymity while you are browsing the web. We will also deploy and monitor next generation malware, virus and ransomware detection software to both your devices and networks building a comprehensive multi layered virtual security fence that protects your family and property.

Your physical security is also important to us. CCTV, access control and alarms make up an essential part of your security and we can take care of all of this for you either by working with existing partners, our own handpicked partners or directly with our own engineers.



The vast and growing technology landscape means there is an overwhelming choice of products on the market. Colony takes full ownership and responsibility for your technology spend providing the research and advise enabling us to select the best products and services that meet all your needs. 

The Colony team can also take care of the little things too. Malfunctioning laptops and desktops? Home media equipment not connecting to your network? Unsure of the validity of an email you've been sent? Need to backup your iPhone? These little day to day requests can easily be resolved by our team in no time, allowing you to get on with your day.


We're here not only to help with whatever you can think of but we also aim to be pro-active in suggesting technology products that provide fun and enjoyment for the whole family. That could be a drone for getting the ultimate shots on the skiing holiday, a VR system for the kids or the best tablet on the market for you. By utilising Colony's 'On Demand' service you can be sure these additions to your life are implemented seamlessly. 



Member Services - On demand


always there for you...

Colony's 'On Demand' service is exclusively available for our Members only and covers everything from desktop and laptop repairs, home networking issues, new product installation and setup as well as those larger projects where you need the support, advice and service of our team. Perhaps you are renovating a property and want a sophisticated intelligent home system? Or planning a new build and need someone to manage the technology implementation or even something as simple as setting up your latest home media product. Our 'On Demand' services have a one off cost but continued support is provided within your membership.


Colony is restricted to A limited number of Members 



Who we work with


Individuals and Families

Our clients are high net worth individuals and families who are looking for the very best in service and expertise. 

Property MANAGEMENT Teams

We work closely with exceptional concierge and property management teams to help ensure clients get the very best standard of technology care and services.

business Vip

We work with leading firms in the City supporting their VIPs away from the office to ensure their clients are always taken care of.



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